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Dan Staples Woos the Crowd with Solid Edge ST7

Plus, in ST7 names of planes come up so it’s always clear what you’re working on. And this is where synchronous comes into play if you want to make geometry changes.

3D Sketch is available in Part, Assembly and Sheet Metal. It’s designed to make it easier to create components across multiple planes. As well you can design components swept along a 3D path faster. And there is an additional method for routing pipes, tubes and wires.

Duplicate Component

Duplicate component was another crowd pleaser. This new technology is ideal for new users who need to insert components into assemblies.

There are also more right click options. There’s a new patterning method. There’s rapid duplication based on existing locations of other components, along with intelligent orientation functionality.

It’s now 10x faster in ST7 to insert a component.


Enhancements here include dynamic drawing view display for all view types, associate annotations, parts list component highlight and thumbnails. In addition expect streamlined individual part or sub-assembly view creation. And automatic coordinate dimensions can be created with one click. Coordinate dimensions are now 10x faster.

Attendees also seemed to be pretty excited about the new announcement that Luxion’s Keyshot rendering software is now built into ST7, available in Classic and Premium options.

Stay tuned for more on this and other enhancements including Dan Staples’ favorite enhancements.

For more information read the press release on ST7.

And for more on the Luxion KeyShot announcement read the press release.

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Published 2014-05-14 00:00:00